notpass - a password manager
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      1 # notpass - a password manager that works i think
      3 notpass is a password manager with no external dependencies, besides libraries
      4 specified by POSIX such as libc and libcrypt. It is designed to be as simple as
      5 possible, and as such it relies on the filesystem to handle many tasks.
      7 ## Building and Installing
      9 You'll need a POSIX-compliant implementation of Make (GNU Make works fine), as
     10 well as a C compiler (duh). Edit `config.h` to your liking, and then run `make`
     11 to compile the program. The resulting binary is `np`. The Makefile currently
     12 doesn't have an install target, but you can just `cp` the binary into a
     13 directory in your path to install it.
     15 ## Usage
     17 Initialize a notpass directory with `np -i`. By default, this initializes it in
     18 the `PWDIR` specified in `config.h`, however, you can supply an additional
     19 argument if you wish to initialize an alternate directory.
     21 To add a new password entry, run `np -n name`, where `name` is the name of the
     22 entry (for instance, the website name). You will be interactively prompted for
     23 the password to add to this entry. You may optionally supply an additional
     24 argument for an alternative notpass directory to use.
     26 To retrieve a password entry, run `np name`, where `name` is the name of the
     27 entry. The decrypted password is printed to stdout. You may wish to pipe the
     28 output into another program, such as `xclip`. You may optionally supply an
     29 additional argument for an alternative notpass directory to use.
     31 All other operations are done by directly manipulating the directory. For
     32 instance, `ls ~/.local/share/notpass` lists all entries in the directory, and
     33 `rm ~/.local/share/notpass/name` removes the `name` entry. This also allows you
     34 to create subdirectories within the root notpass directory, and categorize your
     35 password entries.
     37 ## Bugs
     39 So far, from my use of notpass, I haven't encountered any bugs. However, bugs
     40 are probably present somewhere, and considering this is written in C, there's
     41 probably a buffer overrun vulnerability you can find if you look hard enough :P.
     42 Needless to say, don't put all your trust into this program that I basically
     43 threw together in a weekend. If you do encounter issues with this software, or
     44 if you want to contribute, please email me at sebastian at sebsite dot pw. :)
     46 Also, notpass definitely doesn't support non-POSIX operating systems, so like,
     47 Windows is out of the question. Switch to a sane sensible operating system that
     48 doesn't spy on you.